Our prepaid system is a perfect fit for landlords and property owners who
want to be in control of water and electricity expenditure. Our system is STS
approved and has been rigorously examined and improved in both public and private metering spheres.

We are passionate about Smart meters because it simplifies utilities’ management for you. It simplifies not only how you buy electricity and water, but also how you control your expenditure. Our engineers strive to eliminate frustration when it comes to dealing with utilities – a smart, prepaid system benefits you in the following ways:

  • Easy top up from your phone or lap top
  • Timely warnings when your are running low
  • Track the price of utilities in real time so you can make informed choices about utility expenditure
  • Landlords and property owners avoid utility account disputes as
    billing is accurate and precise

This is our company’s longest running service which means we’ve tried
and tested every component of the system to supply streamlined metering solutions. Automated meter reading is the technology we use to provide you with accurate ‘time-of-use’ billing. The system can support any COSEM-DLMS meter. Our team will customise solutions to meet your metering needs.

Jager has supplied the private and public utility industries with electrical and water meters for a number of years. Our online store will have a range of new products including renewables, metering and related hardware

– Prepaid meters: a range of electricity and water STS meters are available

– Smart meters: Jager is a regional supplier of Honeywell smart metering products

– Renewables: Jager can supply customers with a range of renewable products such as invertors, solar panels, batteries and related products

– PV Systems: new to our product range are PV systems pre-designed for easy installation

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