Elster A1140 Mid-Range Meter


Programmable Multi-Function Polyphase Meter for commercial and industrial applications


Programmable Multi-Function Polyphase Meter for commercial and industrial applications

The A1140 electricity meter from Elster is a world leading technology, high quality, reliable and robust product that is available ex-stock supported with technical advice and training from Elster Solutions.

The meter complies with the latest national and international metering standards. Elster Solutions (Pty) Ltd is accredited to IEC 17025:2005 to provide individual meter accuracy verification certificates when requested.

The A1140 provides extensive measurement and tariff capabilities for use in both Industrial and Commercial CT and direct connected metering applications. The A1140 can operate as a stand alone or as part of a comprehensive AMR/ AMI metering system via a variety of communication modules. Batteries for Clock & Calendar back up never need to be changed as they will provide support ‘on the shelf’ for the meters design life.

Elster support software for programming, configuration and reading with a site installation verification application is available.


• 5A CT Operated & 100A Direct Connect variants
• kWh, kvarh, KVA four quadrant measurement
• 8 Time of Use and 4 Maximum Demand tariffs
• LCD Display
• Instrumentation displays
• Accuracy class 0.5 for CT, 1.0 for 100A
• 300 days Load Profile Data
• During power down clock & calendar battery back up for Design Life • Compact & High Security Cover Design
• Inbuilt RJ12 socket for RS232 Interface
• Multi-drop capable (upto 32 meters on RS485 bus)
• 2 independent kVA registers
• 1 of Relay Pulse Output rated 230V AC/DC, 100mA
• Data Stream Mode for rapid data transfer
• SMARTset Programming software
• Supporting AMI/AMR Solutions/Packages
• Main Cover removal tamper detection
• Terminal Cover removal tamper detection
• 15 Year Design Life
• Independent per phase kWh recording and display

Communication Devices

• GSM/GPRS Modem
• Ethernet
• Modbus Converter
• RS485 BusBox Module • Optical Flag Probe

• Wireless RF Module
• Ongoing Developments – contact Elster

5-6A CT Operated




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